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Get the most from your visit! Travel Wise offers a variety of experiences such as local tours, culinary classes and guided cultural visits.

Goditi al massimo la tua visita! Travel Wise ti offre avventure culinarie, locali e culturali con le sue esperienze guidate locali.

Experience Local Cultures

Multicultural Activities

Learn from experts and locals how to:

Cook traditional foods - All of the local arts (Photography, Painting, Sculpting, Signing, Eccetera) - Plant&Grow local crops and meet the farm animals. - Make various cheeses, wines, beers. - And much much more...

Don’t Just Travel…EXPLORE!

why stop at being a tourist? live the culture

Travel to the highest mountains and volcanoes - Hike through uninhabited wildlife and caves - Breath in the local heritage and experience their timely celebrations - Go horse back riding through the forest and towns - Camp out on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Go on a helicopter ride or paragliding - And much much more...

​The competitive strength of Travel Wise resides in partnerships with local authorities, in the deep knowledge of the territory, in the love for our land and in the construction of customized itineraries and packages in relation to the specific needs of the different customer targets; This has allowed us over the years to develop experiences and tours with the knowledge that only an approach involving multiple territorial realities can guarantee the excellence of the proposal presented​.

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Did you Book a vacation with us and have a question or would like in advanced our ‘Adventure Brochure’ so that you may plan ahead? 

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